DIY Fall Decor Centerpiece

 Fall Decor DIY, Ceramic Mason Jar, Centerpiece, Cheap

In this post I will include how to do it yourself, a fall ceramic mason jar centerpiece on the low cost! Including a list of all items, and where to look for them.

Fall is here, and with that said I would like to share a nice little DIY centerpiece to stay and sit nicely at your home. 

It did not cost so much as you can easily go and find these items at your local Dollar Tree and Micheals. I had spent a total of $11 with purchasing these items in particular:

Ceramic Mason Jar - $4.99 original price on sale in store at Micheals for $2.99  4 different colors of white, green, yellow, and orange (please check your local Micheals online for prices near you)

Artificial Flowers - $1 at Dollar Tree (total of 4 or however many you choose in your jar) Preferably fall flowers like yellow sunflowers, red, orange and white flowers. 

Artificial Fall Color Stems - $1 at Dollar Tree Berry stems or any sort of pinecone or acorn.

Scarecrow On Stick - $1 at Dollar Tree 4 different colors green, red, orange, and yellow

Brown Twine (if preferred) - $1 at Dollar Tree


1.) Choose your Ceramic Mason Jar 

2.) Choose your 4 or more Artificial Flowers and tie them going around with the Twine from mid bottom of the flower stem. 

3.) Cut or Fold flower stems at all equal length desired as you will place your tied flowers inside your jar.

4.) Decorate more by adding your Scarecrow and Fall Stems!!

5.) (Optional) add some Twine around the top of your Ceramic Mason Jar


  1. What a fun idea! This would be a good way to keep the kids busy over Thanksgiving break while we prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.


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